Friday, November 12, 2010

Walk a Mile With Us

Ladies and gentlemen,

shall I announce,
the end of misery for all C5 members.

at least for for now :P
although part 6 will be dealing with double or maybe triple pain and blood,
this semester should be a kind reminder of how terrible the next semester will be 0.o

and yeah, it's been a while since the last time this blog was updated :P
Hence it would be great if there are more entry contributors from C5 crew.
so if there is anyone from c5 crew would like to join the author's group, you are most welcome.

Last but not least,

It will be a tremendous pleasure if all C5 can go out for a trip to somewhere in next semester.
As it will be the final semester for us in Shah Alam, perhaps we can spend some quality time together
before going back to Gaya? Lol :P
A long awaited shooting among C5 is also a good event for some-getting-together-time
and with all the talented photographers among us,
the result will be amazing rite :P:P:P

so yeah, care to suggest more plans or even anything at all?
please drop your comments below! 


rainBow said...

shud made a group for c5 oni on fb
here rarely kena visit sob sob
nyways yep we shud plan sumting for nex sem.

SMK Pengiran Omar II said...

sedihkan. teda pengunjungnya huhu

fs said...

agreed with a vacation for all CV members.but i think i'll let u guys decide where to go.(: