Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greetings ^_^

As requested by our dear Miss Jenny Pang, finally Cohort 5 of Gaya College has our own blog. So for those who already have a blog, please kindly become the followers of this blog especially fellow cohort 5 crew.

Feel free to share any opinion or any kind of information through the very most benefits that we can get from the existence of this blog. Kindly contact me if you would like to post any entry in this blog.

Oh yea, for those who have not gone for the school observation, all the best to all of you. "Remember, teachers must first approach others and get ourselves noticed. " - an advice given by an excellent headmistress.

Coming events:

1. School Observation - Principles and Practices in Language Teaching, TSL 450
2. Survey on Literature on Malaysian School -TSL 430
3. Portfolio to be submitted for both EDU 401 (Education in Malaysia) and EDU 403 (Ethics and Education)
4. Journals for Week 8th and onwards.
5. Test 1 for TSL 476, Structure of English falls on 10.03.2009 (Revise on whatever we have learned)
6. Decide on your topic for CTU 553's assignment. To be submitted on the 3rd week.
7. Language Camp in March!

If i miss anything on the list above, feel free to add on ^_^