Sunday, July 11, 2010

TESL C5 Gaya's 4th Anniversary

10th of July 2010
That is the date of the FOURTH anniversary of TESL Cohort 5 Gaya! (As well as for our link comrades, C5 IPKB & our fellow friends back in Gaya Teacher-Training Institute in KK, PISMP Semester 6 - MT, PJK & PC)

On that day, which was yesterday (Saturday), we had an assembly in the morning for our co-curriculum activities at the main campus of UiTM Shah Alam. Guess what, about 80% of us C5 Gaya are in the Gamelan Club! Hah! We are SO going to rule the club, with our loudness & craziness!

And after we're done with the assembly, we had a simple gathering cum lunch at Seksyen 2 food court. Only 19 out of 25 of us were present. Since our allowance hasn't come out yet, that's the best we can do, for now. We would have celebrate our anniversary somewhere better or at least order a cake, like what we did for our first anniversary. Heh.

Anyway, here's the pics of us! Special thanks to my friend, Dayah for the pics :)

Dayah, the camera owner :)

Missing members: Awang, Phye, Fanzi, Kadrey, Farah & Mimie.

To my C5 Gaya friends,

It's been four years we have been together now.

We have seen each other grow & shifted from teens to young adults; we've been through a lot of hardships & challenges; sweet, sour, bitter taste of life together.

I'm sure all of you remember our foundation years, hostel life, TESL Camp, Pygmalion drama, Raya (and breaking fast/Sungkai) gatherings, our first year of degree, the time we first flew to UiTM Shah Alam, etc.

In these four years, we fought, cried, laughed, joked, played, studied, got scolded, got praised, shared secrets, helped each other, become friends & enemies (and COUPLES...ngehehe) and so much more.

We have another 2 years together before we will be posted all around Malaysia, and maybe not see each other again in the future *Gasp!* But now, I am wishing all 25 of us, ALL THE BEST for the current semester and all the best in the future.

And to our lecturers in Gaya college,

We have just ended our first week of lecture in our fifth semester, and the whole class is doing just fine here in UiTM. We are looking forward to see you in the college, in another 10months.

From, Ashley.

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