Wednesday, February 15, 2012

C5 crew's beach time & BBQ

A class activity, which was a barbecue picnic was organized on last Saturday at Tanjung Aru Beach 2. Out of the 25 members, 24 turned up to make this event more memorable, since this is the final semester.

So, here are some of the captured moments! A big Thank You to Dewi and Hidayah for lending the blog some pictures :)

Besides filling up our stomach, we also did a game where we first spun 10 times and all group members must gather at one circle within a determined period of time.

Like these....
Another one was word-hunting within 40 minutes while trying to eliminate the other group members.

After we were left with the last survivors, it was time to wrap it all up, and just before the sun was straight up. But before that, group photos first!

So, it was really a fun and memorable event. Thanks to all who participated and thanks, too, to the game organizers. Hope we can do this again in the near future, even when we are already in schools 

Also, a review by me in my personal blog HERE. Same story.